Information about trainings and other education activities undertaken by the TCHTN and/or its members

FCJ Refugee Centre

The organization is offering various FREE of charge workshops directed towards settlement agencies, front line workers, legal professionals, health care providers, schools and other organizations that serve trafficked persons or will likely interact and offer services to trafficked persons.

Basic workshop for service providers
Overview of human trafficking; Stages of human trafficking process and related health risks; Potential indicators; Appropriate assistance. Those are only few of the topics to be discussed during interactive workshop. The content and the length of the workshop can be modified according to the particular needs of each organization.

Workshop for legal sector professionals across the GTA 
The Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) program is the only federal service available specifically to secure immigration status for victims / survivors of human trafficking in Canada.
Learn the ins and outs of the TRP application process, the advantages and disadvantages, the services covered and obstacles encountered.

Workshop for mental health professionals and support workers
Experiences of human trafficking not only have serious impacts on survivors’ physical well being, but also integrally affect their psychological and emotional well being. As a result, mental health support is an essential component of recovery and to regaining a sense of control.

  • Access to crucial training material
  • Access to specialized legal information
  • Tools to provide better services to people who have been trafficked
  • The facilitator for each workshop
  • Transportation for facilitator
  • Resource Material including the presentation

Contact: Carolina Teves:
Phone:  416-469 -9754   ext.226
For more details about the workshops contact:
Tanya Aberman 

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